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Let Us Know What You Think!

ANY VISIT TO OUR OFFICE AND YOU’D KNOW HOW OFTEN WE’RE TALKING ABOUT SMILES. Obviously it’s a large percentage of our conversations during your visit, and within our internet tools. For today, we’d like to do something a little different. Yes, it’s still all about smiles, but this time we want to here what you have to say. Please take a moment and share your opinion with us…

Does A Smile Need Perfection To Be Beautiful?

We recently read a blog post from a teeth whitening review website where they reviewed 5,000 female celebrity smiles. The blog then made their own judgement call about who the Top 10 best smiles are. Sure, it’s one website’s opinion. And there are probably many varied list out there, but for the most part they get at one thing: a great smile.

In our humble opinion, no smile needs perfection to be great. Many of the celebrity’s smiles are closer to “textbook” perfect than others, but what we think matters most is how comfortable someone is when they smile. We all know people with those great smiles… They may not be Hollywood perfect, but when they smile it’s engaging, attractive, and yes… beautiful.

Having comfort in your own smile makes such a big difference in the way you live your life. We see it almost every day at our office. Even small, subtle changes make a huge difference in the lives of many of our patients. Please, let us know what we can do for you or what questions any of us at Elizabethtown Dental can answer for you. We love talking about these kinds of things—and we will never make you feel uncomfortable sharing your feelings or concerns.

OK… Now We’d Like To Hear YOUR Opinions!

Do you agree with their list above? Who would you exclude? Who would you include that is not on their Top 10 list?

You can submit a comment below, or even better, click on the Facebook logo and comment on our Facebook wall. You could even upload a photo of somebody you know who has a remarkable smile. Share! We look forward to hearing from you.

And, as always, thanks for being our valued friends and patients.


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