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Everyone Likes Teeth

WE’RE EXCITED! Our entire team at Elizabethtown have been working hard the last several months to develop a handful of social networking tools designed for one purpose—to help our patients and future patients connect with our practice. Why would you want to “connect” with your dentist? Let us explain…

Why Our “Future” Patients Would Want To Connect With Us

Any dental practice can hire someone to build them a “legacy” website—a place where content is rarely, if ever, updated. Typically, it’s just a contrived “snapshot in time” with everything picture perfect (and frankly, a little boring too). Many times those websites are launched and left untouched. Does that really give you a “feel” for a dental practice? Does it give real insight into their practice “culture”—helping you know whether or not you’ll love being one of their patients?

We think the best way to know whether or not you’ll love being our patient is to get to know us through our social network. This way you can see the things we’re doing each day. Listen to real-time feedback and testimonials from our current patients. Learn more about our involvement in our community. All of these things will help you understand who we are—our “culture”.

Why Our Current Patients Love Connecting With Us

There’s direct benefit for you and your family in knowing what we’re doing at Elizabethtown! For example, any time Dr. White or one of our other dentists attends a dental conference where they learn about the latest, greatest advances in dental materials and techniques, you (our valued patients) win. We love passing this important information along to you—information that directly effects your comfort, health, and appearance.

Are there fun events coming up at our practice? Maybe something your kids will not only enjoy, but also teaches smart, lifetime dental hygiene habits? Are we offering a promotion that saves you money on some elective dentistry you’ve been considering? When we have contests and fun prizes we want to be sure you know! If you have a concern, or see something that we could do better let us know. We love your feedback.

We know everyone likes to communicate differently, which is why we set up multiple ways for you to get news and give us feedback. You can click the “Like” button on our Facebook page, the “Follow” button on Twitter or subscribe to our blog feed. Or if you get really adventurous, try all three! Become part of our community. It’s the best way to keep up with the great things happening here at Elizabethtown! Oh, and we like YouTube too – so don’t be surprised if we share some videos now and then.


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